ⓘ Nan'an, Fujian

Nanan, Fujian

ⓘ Nanan, Fujian

Nanan is a county-level city of southern Fujian province, Peoples Republic of China. It is under the administration of Quanzhou City and as of 2010, had a total population of 1.500.000. More than 3.000.000 overseas Chinese trace their ancestry to Nanan.

  • Township, Anhui, in Lingbi County, Anhui Xiangyang Township, Fujian in Nan an Fujian Xiangyang Township, Jiayin County, in Jiayin County, Heilongjiang
  • coastal defense of Guangdong, Fujian province, and Taiwan. The Headquarters is now used as a museum of coast defense. Nan ao island lies between the Eastern
  • county under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Nanping, in northern Fujian province, People s Republic of China, bordering Jiangxi to the northwest
  • of township - level divisions of Anhui Nanshan Subdistrict, Chongqing, in Nan an District, Chongqing see Cherry blossom Nanshan Subdistrict, Shenzhen, in
  • Fujian is a Chinese province. Traditional music includes a variety of folk and classical styles. Nanyin is a style of music that dates back to the period
  • Southern Fujian is a group of linguistically similar and historically related Sinitic languages that form a branch of Min Chinese spoken in Fujian especially
  • Infantry Brigade Nan an Quanzhou, Fujian Amphibious Armoured Brigade Zhangzhou, Fujian 3rd Artillery Brigade Quanzhou, Fujian 13th Air Defence
  • Fujian Normal University Chinese: 福建师范大学 is a key institution of higher education in Fuzhou, Fujian with a century - old history and a glorious tradition
  • Quangang Chinese: 泉港 pinyin: Quangǎng Min Nan Choan - kang is a district of Quanzhou, Fujian province, People s Republic of China. Before 1996 it was
  • Minnan region, or southern Fujian Southern Min, or Minnan Chinese, a variety of Chinese Minnan people, or Hokkien people Denzil Minnan - Wong Hsieh Min - Nan

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