ⓘ Grand-Remous, Quebec

Grand-Remous, Quebec

ⓘ Grand-Remous, Quebec

Grand-Remous is a town and municipality in La Vallee-de-la-Gatineau Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada. The municipality is south of the Baskatong Reservoir, spanning both sides of the Gatineau River. The town is situated at the intersection of Route 117 and Route 105.

"Grand-Remous" in French means "big Eddie" and is a reference to a large whirlpool on the Gatineau river near the Grand Remous chute. This name matches the name Atikamekw Obemiticwang ", also meaning "choppy waters" or "big trouble".

Its territory consists of low hills which vary between 200 meters 660 ft and 380 metres 1.250 metres above sea level, and which are partly cleared, mostly around Grand-Remous and along highway 105.