ⓘ Reflex (group)

Reflex (group)

ⓘ Reflex (group)

Reflex is a Russian girl group consisting of two members: Irene Nelson, Alyona Torganova. The group was created in 1999 and the first single called Distant Light conquered the hit parade of Europa Plus radio station. All Reflexs music is composed by Viacheslav Tyurin.


1. Discography

  • 2006 - Harem Lounge feat. Chillout remixes
  • 2008 - Blondes 126
  • 2001 - Meet the New Day
  • 2002 - This is Love
  • 2014 - Memories
  • 2002 - Go Crazy
  • 2015 - Adult Girls
  • 2003 - Non Stop
  • 2005 - Lyrics. I Love.
  • 2005 - Pulse
  • 2002 - I Will Always Wait for You

2. Trivia

  • In 2005 the group took part in the national competition to represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest, but was dropped in the semifinal.
  • Reflex ’s music video to the song Polovinka was the first music video in Russia to appear in HD format. The Video was shot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
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