ⓘ Otterberg


ⓘ Otterberg

Otterberg is a town in the district of Kaiserslautern in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate with about 7.350 inhabitants. It is situated approximately 7 kilometres north of Kaiserslautern.

Otterberg is a Verbandsgemeinde place "collective of the municipal formation of" Otterbach-Otterberg.

  • Company and Abraham Straus. Nathan Straus was born to a Jewish family in Otterberg in the former Palatinate, then ruled by the Kingdom of Bavaria, the third
  • after VE - day was engaged in occupational duties, with command posts at Otterberg Bad Kreuznach, Frankfurt, and Oranienstein in Germany. Total battle casualties:
  • nobleman, theologian and abolitionist. Felice was born on 12 March 1803 in Otterberg and died on 23 October 1871 in Lausanne and was the grandson of Fortunato
  • transition in what was then the Germanic Basin. Together with the neighbouring Otterberg Forest to the west on the far side of Alsenz the region is also called
  • passenger ship RMS Titanic. Isidor Straus was born into a Jewish family in Otterberg in the former Palatinate, then ruled by the Kingdom of Bavaria. He was
  • of other foundations were made: Schonau Abbey near Heidelberg in 1142 Otterberg Abbey in the Palatinate in 1144 Gottesthal Abbey near Liege in 1155
  • was the first Jewish United States Cabinet Secretary. He was born in Otterberg Germany. He emigrated with his parents to the United States, and settled
  • hills in the north of the Palatine Forest, i. e. in the Stumpfwald and Otterberg Forest, only reach about 350 to 450 m above NHN they are largely embedded
  • in Gangloff and Roth. The Roman linking road between Bad Kreuznach and Otterberg led by way of the Rossberg near Becherbach and Gangloff. A sideroad off

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