ⓘ Children used by adults in the commission of crime


ⓘ Children used by adults in the commission of crime

The use, procuring or offering of a child by others for illegal activities, including the trafficking or production of drugs, is one of the predefined worst forms of child labour in terms of the International Labour Organizations Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, adopted in 1999.

It is also known as Children used by adults in the commission of crime CUBAC.

In terms of the Worst Forms of Child Labour Recommendation ratifying countries should ensure that CUBAC is a criminal offence, and also provide for other criminal, civil or administrative remedies to ensure the effective enforcement of such national legislation Article III12 to 14).

  • leaders state they consider children of 16 to be adults In 2005 Amnesty International condemned the use of children by Palestinian militant groups saying:
  • guilty. The new bill will allow minors in the age group of 16 - 18 to be tried as adults if they commit heinous crimes The crime will be examined by the Juvenile
  • factors in mate crime and hate crime In publicity regarding mate crime Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group states: Many vulnerable adults have few
  • The Children s Society, formally the Church of England Children s Society, is a United Kingdom national children s charity registered No. 221124 allied
  • passive victims Children are often forced by social structures and individual agents into situations in which adults take advantage of their vulnerability
  • to children as repressive state apparatuses Structures such as government policy have been held by some commentators to mask the ways adults abuse
  • types of stimulants pharmaceutical drugs such as pain - killers and tranquillisers when used for non - medical purposes, and other substances used inappropriately
  • Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Israel Mixed Armistice Commission HKJI MAC was the United Nations organisation of observers which dealt with complaints

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