ⓘ Figliola


ⓘ Figliola

Figliola is a frazione of the comune of Crognaleto, in the Province of Teramo within the Abruzzo Region of Italy. It is between the towns of Crognaleto, San Giorgio and Aiello in the Vomano Valley. Figliola faces the Gran Sasso and can be reached via a road that is partially paved.

According to some historians, the village takes its name from the Italian word Filiola meaning a small stream of water. At the time the village was part of the fief of the Dukes of Atri. During the 17th century, the village probably served as a refuge for robbers soldiers, while their leaders took refuge in the neighboring castle of San Giorgio. Some fierce clashes, Nightingale the robber likely fled to the Papal States to the North in what is today Italy the Marche region. In 1804, lived in the village of only 36 people. Nine years later Figliola was assigned to the commune of Crognaleto. Today, the village is uninhabited.

Most of the houses in the village are built of stone. Although few people visit the village in winter, several families have restored houses that serve as summer homes and are used mostly in the summer months.

For religious purposes, Figliola belonged to the parish Macchia-Womano. The village Church dedicated to Saint Mary Madeleine.