ⓘ USS Rancocas

USS Rancocas

ⓘ USS Rancocas

USS Rancocas is the former name of an engineering development facility at the border between Moorestown Township and Mount Laurel Township, New Jersey. In May 2008, it was formally renamed the Vice Admiral James H. Doyle, Jr. Combat System Engineering Development Site.

It is located between Hartford road and County route 537 in Moorestown and looks like a warehouse with the superstructure of the planned, but never built marine strike cruiser sitting on the roof. The construction of the superstructure was later incorporated into the design of the destroyer class Arleigh Burke. The facility was originally built for the U.S. air force in 1958 to support an / FPS-49 ballistic missiles the development of an early warning system. He briefly works as a sensor for the SPACETRACK program, but was transferred to the U.S. Navy and converted in 1976 to support the aegis combat system development. It is still used by Lockheed Martin for aegis research and development, and houses not only the Navy and Lockheed Martin personnel, and personnel from multiple subcontractors, such as the mission of the technical solutions and Northrop Grumman. In new Jersey, the historic office of preservation declared Vice Admiral James H. Doyle Jr., combat system engineering development site eligible for inclusion in the registry of the new Jersey historical places.

Officially put into operation in 1977, the Navy building owned by employees of the Navy attached to the Aegis technical representative TECHREP aegis that the tier 3 field activities within the naval systems command, NAVSEA.

Since the object is clearly visible from interstate 295 and new Jersey, he has become something of a landmark for locals and tourists. Residents of the area often refer to it as the "cornfield cruiser" or "cruiser in a cornfield".

The an / spy-1 antenna damaged in the explosion of the destroyer USS Cole was later refurbished and installed in CSEDS.

Naval facilities Engineering command completed large-scale expansion of the original building in early 2015.

  • include the Rogers Locomotive Works 1832 the Colt revolver 1837 and the USS Holland SS - 1 1898 The oldest extant structure in the historic district
  • Delaware, Raritan, Passaic, Hackensack, Rahway, Musconetcong, Mullica, Rancocas Manasquan, Maurice, and Toms rivers. Due to New Jersey s peninsular geography
  • North Dakota and Emmons County Delanco, New Jersey - Delaware River and Rancocas Creek Delanson, New York - Delaware and Hudson Delawanna station New Jersey
  • List of shipwrecks: 7 February 1903 Ship Country Description Isabel United States The steamer burned at Stokes Wharf, Rancocas Creek, Pennsylvania.
  • October 1905 Ship Country Description Ella United States The barge sank in Rancocas Creek in southwestern New Jersey. Her master was killed. Lawrence Haines
  • of shipwrecks: 11 July 1899 Ship Country Description S. W. Schuyler No.2 United States The steamer burned at Vansciver s Warf in the Rancocas River.

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