ⓘ Avon Road station

Avon Road station

ⓘ Avon Road station

Avon Road station is a SEPTA Media-Sharon Hill Trolley Lines in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. It is officially located at Garrett Road & Avon Road, but Bywood Avenue is also included. The station serves both Routes 101 and 102, and only local service is provided on both lines. The station contains two platforms with plexiglass bus-type shelters on both sides of the tracks, both of which are at the far end of each platform. A former P&,W-era shelter exists across the tracks from the westbound platform, but it is completely closed and boarded up.

Trolley buses arrive at the station, move between street terminal 69th further East in upper Darby and orange street in media, Pennsylvania for the route 101 line, or Sharon hill, Pennsylvania for the route 102. Both lines run parallel to Garrett road and Bywood Avenue, but to run along Garrett road is interrupted curve Boulevard between Sherbrooke and Avon road.

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  • Clinker s Register of Closed Stations Avon Anglia ISBN 0 - 905466 - 19 - 5 Clinker, C.R., 1979 GWR Register of Halts Platforms, Avon Anglia ISBN 0 - 905466 - 29 - 2
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