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Mimmo Adami Alberto Sordi and Dea Dani Monica Vitti are local professional dancers in the impoverished Italy of the Second World War. Their lives change suddenly as American soldiers stop in their town hoping to be entertained in accordance with the Broadway style. Effectively, they perform up to their expectations. However, as the army men have to march northward, the moment of glory of Mimmo and Dea finishes heartlessly.


1. Cast

  • Wanda Osiris: Herself
  • Alberto Sordi: Mimmo Adami
  • John Phillip Law: John
  • Franca Scagnetti: Don Ciccios Aunt
  • Franco Angrisano: Fascist Party Secretary
  • Edoardo Faieta: Don Ciccio Caracioni
  • Carlo Dapporto: Himself
  • Monica Vitti: Dea Dani