ⓘ Novoye Vremya (newspaper)

Novoye Vremya (newspaper)

ⓘ Novoye Vremya (newspaper)

Novoye Vremya was a Russian newspaper published in St. Petersburg from 1868 to 1917. Until 1869 it came out five times a week; thereafter it came out every day, and from 1881 there were both morning and evening editions. In 1891 a weekly illustrated supplement was added.

The newspaper began as a liberal publication, and in 1872 published an editorial celebrating the appearance in Russian of the first volume of Karl Marxs Das Kapital, but after Aleksey Suvorin took it over it acquired a reputation as a servile supporter of the government, in part because of the antisemitic and reactionary articles of Victor Burenin. "The motto of Suvorins Novoye Vremya, wrote Russias greatest satirist Saltykov-Shchedrin, is to go inexorably forward, but through the anus." Nevertheless, it became one of Russias most popular newspapers, with a circulation reaching 60.000 copies, and published important writers, most famously Anton Chekhov until he broke with Suvorin in the late 1890s; furthermore, Suvorin was "the first to raise the salaries in the newspaper world and to improve the working conditions of the journalists." The paper was looked down on by the liberal intelligentsia of the early twentieth century and despised by the Bolsheviks, and the day after the October Revolution, November 8 1917, Lenin shut it down.

The newspaper should not be confused with the current magazine of the same name, founded in 1943, or with the current Ukrainian newspaper of the same name.


1. Publishers

  • Aleksey Suvorin 1876 - 1912
  • A. K. Krikor and N. N. Yumatov 1868 - 1872
  • the A. S. Suvorin Company 1912 - 1917
  • K. V. Trubnikov 1874 - 1876
  • F. N. Ustryalov 1872 - 1873
  • Osip Notovich 1873 - 1874
  • legends Panorama newspaper Hollywood, 14 January 2004 Egiazarian, R. Mishel Vartanov from former USSR Novoye Vremya newspaper Yerevan, 4 June 2005
  • Choate Original Russian title Vremya Nazad Nadezhda Joffe. On Trotsky s Romances, Real and Imagined, a letter published in Novoye Russkoye Slovo, March 18
  • The story was first published on 5 March old style: 23 February in Novoye Vremya s No. 3636, 26 13 o.s. April 1886 issue. In an edited version it made
  • Татлян, Жак Дувалян - невозвращенцы по - армянски in Russian Novoye Vremya Armenian newspaper Фёдор Раззаков 2013 - 10 - 01 Скандалы советской эпохи. Litres
  • first one was published as an article Dostoevsky s illness in Novoye Vremya newspaper 1881, 1793 It was structured as a letter to Apollon Maykov
  • 1890s when he published political sketches in the conservative newspaper Novoye Vremya owned and run by Aleksey Suvorin. Rozanov s comments, always paradoxical
  • editor of newspaper Slovo s literary supplement. In the early 1910s he started to actively contribute to Alexey Suvorin - led Novoye Vremya After the
  • away . The case of Shabelski and participation of the publisher Novoye Vremya NLO НЛО. Дело Е. А. Шабельской Сын отечества - СПб.: 1905
  • story by Anton Chekhov. The story was first published on 6 May 1886 by Novoye Vremya Issue No. 3657, pp.2 - 3 It was included into the 1888 collection Rasskazy
  • argued. Positive reviews came also from Ignaty Potapenko as Fingal in Novoye Vremya Angel Bogdanovich in Mir Bozhy, and Ieronim Yasinsky in Birzhevyie

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