ⓘ 1976 in television

1976 in television

ⓘ 1976 in television

  • The Olympics, broadcast from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, draw an estimated one billion viewers worldwide.
  • Matsushita introduces the VHS home video cassette recorder to compete with Sonys Betamax system.
  • films produced in the United Kingdom in 1976 see 1976 in film 1976 in British music 1976 in British radio 1976 in British television 1976 in the United
  • Events from the year 1976 in Ireland. President: Cearbhall O Dalaigh until 22 October 1976 Patrick Hillery from 3 December 1976 Taoiseach: Liam Cosgrave
  • General Hospital and One Life to Live both expanded from 30 minutes to 45 minutes on July 26 30, 1976 1975 - 76 United States network television schedule
  • 1976 in Australia 1976 in Australian television Australian film at the Internet Movie Database
  • Television in South Africa was introduced in 1976 South Africa was relatively late in introducing television broadcasting to its population. Even though
  • Daniela is a 1976 Venezuelan telenovela television series written by Enrique Jarnes and produced by Venevision. Adita Riera and Eduardo Serrano starred
  • 1976 January February March April May June July August September October November December 1976 MCMLXXVI was a leap year starting on Thursday of the
  • Songs from Their Television Show is a studio album released by Donny Marie Osmond in 1976 It has songs from their 1976 television series Donny Marie

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