ⓘ Back in the USSR (film)

Back in the USSR (film)

ⓘ Back in the USSR (film)

Back in the USSR is a 1992 American thriller film directed by Deran Sarafian and starring Frank Whaley, Natalya Negoda and Roman Polanski. Written and produced by Ilmar Taska and Lindsay Smith.


1. Plot

Set in Moscow during the last years of the Soviet Union, with Gorbachevs glasnost and perestroika in full swing, the film follows Archer Sloan, a young American student from Chicago, who arrives hoping to sample the delights of Moscow, but runs into a number of people interested in stolen art works.


2. Cast

  • Roman Polanski - Kurilov
  • Harry Ditson - Whittier
  • Dey Young - Claudia
  • Constantine Gregory - Stanley
  • Frank Whaley - Archer Sloan
  • Brian Blessed - Chazov
  • Natalya Negoda - Lena
  • Ravil Isyanov - Georgi
  • Andrew Divoff - Dimitro
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