ⓘ List of French marquisates


ⓘ List of French marquisates

The following page contains an incomplete list of marquisates that exist or formerly existed in France or within its conquered provinces. They were created by the kings of France and Spain, the dukes of Savoy and Lorraine, the popes in Comtat Venaissin, and other sovereign lords in the present-day Republic of France.

From the Late middle Ages to the French revolution, marquisates were mainly raised by letters patent. In some cases, other official acts, such as Royal diplomas, were used for the creation of marquisates. These marquisates were given to members of princely houses, nobles, officials, military, and landowners as a reward.

At present there is no complete list of marquisates or other Marquis titles not included in this list, particularly because their creations were numerous especially during the reign of Louis XIV and XV.

This list also contains "marquisates of use", which can only be titles of courtesy used by the descendants of those who appropriated some titles, or may be legally created, but have not been documented marquisates. Due to the loss of records in fires, wars and intentional destruction during the French revolution, it was not established that these seigneuries were ever up in the evening marquisates. Recent findings archive has shown that some names which were previously considered, in fact only titles of courtesy, raised marquisates.

In the column "type" is an abbreviation or a symbol that identificeret type marquisate or a mark in that row.

  • BR indicates a marquisate created by brevet royal.
  • C LP or C BR indicates a title older than the marquisate is associated with that fief or family, that is, the family had a different title before they acquired the marquisate.
  • TC indicates a confirmed, hereditary courtesy title used with a fief.
  • * asterisk indicates the marquisates validity is uncertain.
  • FD indicates a feudal marquisate or a margraviate.
  • LP indicates a marquisate created by letters patent.

Of the holder of a marquisate to the French revolution was seen as the Marquis de H. Title attached to the estate, so the buyer is not a noble marquisate needed a confirmation of the Royal right to wear the title. Otherwise, he or she may only formally be styled Seigneur / Dame de Marquisat de x Lord / Lady Marquisate H. enforcement in this matter was quite weak, however, and the evidence was quite small, which often do not constrain the use of the title of Marquis. In most cases, as soon as raised the fief, feudal rank of marquisate remains even if the estate passed to new owners through marriage, inheritance or purchase. The following list of names are the descendants of the title-users who have not received confirmation during the Revolution, in the current status column in the parentheses of the "survivors", and the name still carries a descendant of the first beneficiary are referred to as "survivors."

With the French revolution, serfdom was abolished and titles have become disconnected from the Land to which they were previously attached. Therefore, after the French revolution, it was no longer possible to purchase a marquisate, and thereby to obtain the title of Marquis, or any other noble title. Only a few marquisates in France specifically passed through marriage in contrast to Italy and Spain. This means that many of the titles became extinct when the last male direct descendant of pre-revolutionary owner died. The adoption of the other man at last, legal, man, the franchisor may in some cases be regarded as a legal transfer the name, not a translation of the nobility if had taken the man wasnt noble.

  • independence, the marquisate was occupied 1548 by the French as a fief of the Crown of France - with the name of Saluces - and remained part of that kingdom
  • The Marquisate of Oristano was a marquisate of Sardinia that lasted from 1410 until 1478 It was formed after the death of Marianus V of Arborea, the second
  • Notice Cassini in French List of Mayors of France in French Ministry of Culture, Merimee PA00099655 National Stud of Pompadour in French Christian Remy
  • it was annexed to France during the Italian Wars. It remained under French control until 1601, when it was ceded to the Duke of Savoy in exchange for
  • Abbecourt is a French commune in the Aisne department in the Hauts - de - France region of northern France The inhabitants of Abbecourt are called Abbecourtois
  • also margraviate or marquisate of Montferrat was a frontier march of the Kingdom of Italy during the Middle Ages and a state of the Holy Roman Empire
  • previously. King Louis XIII of France re - granted the lordship as a marquisate to Honore II, Prince of Monaco, by the Treaty of Peronne on 14 September 1641
  • are one of the historical families most famous in the Kingdom of Naples and all of Italy, having 300 strongholds, 40 counties, nine marquisates twelve
  • Marquisate s was delegated to a cadet branch of the family. Later, were also created the Marquisates of Modena and Reggio. Francesco I Sforza 1434 1443

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