ⓘ USS Herald (1798)


ⓘ USS Herald (1798)

USS Herald was built at Newburyport, Massachusetts and purchased by the US Navy from Edward Davis on 15 June 1798. She sailed from Boston on 22 August 1798 and cruised in the West Indies during the Quasi-War with France from 1799 to 1800. After the treaty of peace with France had been ratified on 18 February 1801, she returned to the West Indies on 23 March 1801 to recall the US Naval Forces under the command of Silas Talbot. Herald was sold at Boston in 1801.

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  • Massey Marine Art Johnson, Ebenezer 1798 A short account of a northwest voyage, performed in the years 1796, 1797 1798 Massachusetts: Ebenezer Johnson
  • in the navy yard for two years. The onset of the Quasi - War with France in 1798 prompted Congress to authorize completion of Frigate D and they approved
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  • Hope who became lieutenant - governor of the Province of Quebec. On 2 April 1798 he joined the yacht Princess Augusta on the River Thames as a 3rd Class
  • revenue officers. From 1790, when the Continental Navy was disbanded, to 1798 when the United States Navy was created, these revenue cutters were the
  • Corps had its beginnings with the creation of the Marine Hospital Fund in 1798 which later was reorganized in 1871 as the Marine Hospital Service. The

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