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Bunde is situated between Osnabruck west, Hannover east and Bielefeld south.

The city is divided into 12 districts, the population as at 30 June 2005:

  • Germany Bunde Netherlands, a town in the municipality of Meerssen in Limburg, the Netherlands Bunde a town in North Rhine - Westphalia, Germany Bunde Minnesota
  • Bunde Westf station is located in Bunde in the German state of North Rhine - Westphalia on the Lohne Rheine railway and Rahden Herford railway. The rail
  • Bunde is an unincorporated community located in Chippewa County, Minnesota, United States, and can be found about 100 miles straight west of Minneapolis
  • Bunde Limburgish: Bung is a village in the Dutch province of Limburg. It is located in the municipality of Meerssen, about 2 km northwest of Meerssen
  • Bunde is a municipal district in East Frisia, in Lower Saxony, Germany, about 20 km 12 mi. south of Emden, Germany, and 50 km 30 mi. east of Groningen
  • The Ring junger Bunde RjB is an umbrella organization of about 20 independent and self - responsible interreligious German Scout and Wandervogel youth
  • German state of North Rhine - Westphalia via Bunde to Bassum in Lower Saxony. The middle section between Bunde and Rahden is a single - track branch line
  • Bunde railway station located in Bunde the Netherlands. The station opened in 1862 on the Maastricht Venlo railway. The following train services by Arriva
  • Conley Ralph Con Bunde born August 4, 1938 was an American educator and politician. Born in Mankato, Minnesota, Bunde graduated from Mankato High School
  • the state border at river kilometre 19.2 and crossing Rodinghausen and Bunde before discharging, after a distance of approximately 35 km, into the Werre