RTV BN is a Bosnian radio-television company based in Bijeljina. The company was founded on 5 May 1998. RTV BN is currently the highest rated TV channel in Republika Srpska entity of BiH. RTV BN has over 120 employees with news correspondents in BiH, Belgrade, London, and Vienna, as well as other cities. RTV BN is currently available in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand via satellite.


1. Organization

  • BN Music is a special cable TV channel that broadcasts Turbo-folk music and music shows from BN Radio. This channel is available via cable systems throughout the former Yugoslavia, via satellite and exclusive IPTV platform offering a special "BN package." The channel has special programs intended for members of the Bosnian and Serbian diaspora living in EU countries.
  • BN Music is a record label and media distribution company based in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • BN Radio mainly broadcasts news, popular talk shows and Folk or Turbo-folk music. BN Radio is broadcast on the internet free of charge, and it is available via satellite and IPTV platforms as BN television channels.
  • BN Televizija represents a 24-hour TV channel with news, political, and entertainment programs. The primary news program, "Dnevnik 2" is the highest rated primetime news show in Republika Srpska entity.
  • Federalna TV 3 - RTRS 4 - O Kanal 5 - Face TV 6 - RTRS PLUS 7 - HTV Oscar C 8 - RTV Herceg - Bosne 9 - Televizija OBN 10 - Posavina TV 11 - OTV Valentino 12
  • Blic, Radio Free Europe, Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina, RTV BN Kurir and Prva Srpska Televizija. The opening ceremony was attended by
  • eleventh largest law firm in the world by revenues, earning around USn.8 bn 1.1 bn that year. By 2017, the firm had risen to 7th worldwide with gross revenues
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  • Slovenian television RTV Slovenija under the title Midsummer Night Kresna noc In 1980, the Symphony 3 was recorded for RTV Slovenija under the baton
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