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ⓘ Wurselen

Wurselen lies north of the city of Aachen in the immediate vicinity of the tripoint of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Its neighbouring settlements are, in clockwise order, the towns of Herzogenrath, Alsdorf and Eschweiler and the city of Aachen. Wurselen is part of Aachens Nordkreis quarter and is the only part of the city borough without external boundaries.

In the framework of the administrative reform in North Rhine-Westphalia, and related to Aachen 1971 act, on the territory of the town of würselen was expanded in 1972 to include the previously independent municipalities Bardenberg and Broichweiden. Since then, Würselen consisted of the following blocks:

  • Broichweiden.
  • Bardenberg.
  • Wurselen. (Вюрзелене)

These are divided in turn into the following parishes:

  • at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco 2003 - 04 Mono Live in Wurselen Germany 2004 Nashville Does Dallas 2004 Boo Fucking Who? Live in Brussels
  • season saw three new clubs promoted to the league, Rot - WeiS Essen, Rhenania Wurselen and PreuSen Munster. Source: Rules for classification: 1 Points
  • Oldenburg, June 29, 2002 Imada Muhletal, June 21, 2002 Kanawa Wurselen July 30, 2002 Wari Tubingen, June 28, 2002 Nanale Tubingen, June
  • by the municipalities of Aldenhoven, Alsdorf, Eschweiler, Stolberg and Wurselen The aim of this company is to create and maintain an attractive leisure
  • Berlin OSTRALE 013, Dresden D Intervalle, Kirche St. Marien in Wurselen D 2012 Kunstroute, Wanda Reiff, Bemelen NL Prix Louis Schmidt, Musee
  • Constanța, Romania Les Sables - d Olonne, France Roquefort - les - Pins, France Wurselen Germany Mura di Tramontana Mura di Tramontana centro storico Chiostro
  • the German communities of Kohlscheid which is part of Herzogenrath und Wurselen both of which belong to the district of Aachen, which is distinct from
  • Company B, 66th Armored Regiment, 2d Armored Division. Place and date: Near Wurselen Germany, October 13, 1944. Entered service at: Lee, Mass. Birth: Hinsdale
  • point for the now almost completely dismantled Stolberg Kohlscheid line to Wurselen In Herzogenrath there are junctions with the Stolberg Herzogenrath line

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