ⓘ Belarusian Labour Party


ⓘ Belarusian Labour Party

The Belarusian Labour Party is a social-democratic political party in Belarus, that opposes the government of president Alexander Lukashenko. The leader of the party is Alaksandar Buchvostaŭ.

At the last legislative elections, 13–17 October 2004, the party was part of the Peoples Coalition 5 Plus Narodnaya Kaalicyja Piaciorka Plus, which failed to secure a seat. These elections fell significantly short of OSCE commitments, according to the OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission. Universal principles and constitutionally guaranteed rights of expression, association and assembly were seriously challenged, calling into question the Belarusian authorities willingness to respect the concept of political competition on a basis of equal treatment. According to this mission principles of an inclusive democratic process, whereby citizens have the right to seek political office without discrimination, candidates to present their views without obstruction, and voters to learn about them and discuss them freely, were largely ignored.

On August 2, 2004 the Supreme Court of Belarus liquidated the Belarusian Labour Party, and in 2005 some members split from the party to form the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Assembly.

The party does not have a website.

  • The Belarusian Independence Party Belarusian Беларуская незалежніцкая партыя, БНП, Bielaruskaja Niezaleznickaja Partyja, BNP was a Belarusian nationalistic
  • The Belarusian chapter of the General Jewish Labour Bund was among political parties forming the government and parliament of the Belarusian People s Republic
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  • Since then, various Belarusian opposition figures and former officials have criticized the referendum, with former Minister of Labour Aliaksandr Sasnou
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  • of Labour Since August 1927 the newspaper has been printed in Belarusian language only. It is the only daily newspaper published in the Belarusian language
  • The Belarusian Resistance during World War II opposed Nazi Germany from 1941 until 1944. Belarus was one of the Soviet republics occupied during Operation

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