ⓘ Burgdorf, Idaho

Burgdorf, Idaho

ⓘ Burgdorf, Idaho

Burgdorf is an unincorporated community in the western United States, located in Idaho County, Idaho, approximately thirty miles north-northeast of McCall, at an elevation of 6.115 feet above sea level.

Originally a sacred place for native Americans, its hot springs were discovered by unknown Chinese miners and settled with a young German immigrant Fred C. Burgdorf in the late 1860-ies. Burgdorf was mined in nearby Warren to the East and turned the region at the hot springs into a resort by 1870.

Following new mountain peak in 1898 in thunder Gulch, the resort was renovated and expanded in 1902, Burgdorf and his new young wife, a singer from Denver named Janet Foronsard. Originally known as the "resort" was the "Burgdorf", but the former name continued in use for several years. After Janettes death in 1923, Burgdorf sold his share and moved to Weiser.

A large part of the community was already deserted, although the reconstruction was undertaken. The community possessed a post office as late as 1945, although it was closed.

In 1972 the community was added as a historic district in the National register of historic places. Was built in the early 1980-ies a new section of ring road through the hot springs property.

Basketball coach George Karl was once a co-owner of Burgdorf.

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