ⓘ North Eastern Railway zone

North Eastern Railway zone

ⓘ North Eastern Railway zone

The North Eastern Railway is one of the 18 railway zones in India. It is headquartered at Gorakhpur and comprises three divisions-

  • Lucknow NER railway division.
  • Izzatnagar railway division. (Izzatnagar железнодорожного дивизиона)
  • Varanasi City railway station Division.

Regional railway Institute RRTI is set in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh.

North Eastern railway is one of the most important transit zones, that is, it used to take,oaded cars, especially food grains of Northern railway division, for example, Firozpur, and move it towards the Eastern belt and the Northern border region of seven sister States. Thus, it serves as an important cog in the countrys food security. In addition, an important transit area, he is also in the center-stage for much of the influx of traffic from adjacent areas. Domestic traffic consists of grain, fertilizer, gravel, cement, oil, coal, etc.

As the North Eastern railway maintains a large distribution area from the Western part of Uttar Pradesh to Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar region consisting of the Western, it goes a lot of passenger trains for the economically weak segments of the population. Thus, in its true sense, the North Eastern railway is to ensure a balance between social and commercial purpose on Indian Railways.

  • March 2015. Retrieved 13 January 2016. Kota Railway Division Railway Board. North Eastern Railway zone Retrieved 13 January 2016. Statement showing
  • consists of 3 platforms. Izzatnagar railway division is a part of North Eastern Railway zone of Indian Railways This railway division was founded on 14 April
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  • belonging to Indian Railways - North Eastern Railway zone that runs between Kasganj Junction railway station and Bareilly City railway station in India.
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  • belonging to Indian Railways - North Eastern Railway zone that runs between Gonda Junction railway station and Mailani Junction railway station in India

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