ⓘ Bârlad Plateau


ⓘ Barlad Plateau

Barlad Plateau is a geographic area in E Romania. It is the south central part of the Moldavian Plateau. Although occasionally has heights over 500 m, it is generally sloped from north at 400 m to the south at 200 m.

The river Barlad and its tributaries have cut in it the northern part of the Barlad plateau, which sometimes is called Podisul Central Moldovenesc, a term that can be easily confused with the reserved term Podisul Moldovei Centrale in English both translate as the Central Moldavian Plateau. The northern-most hill formation edge is called the Iasi Ridge Romanian: Coasta Iasilor. Other parts of the Barlad Plateau:

  • Elanului Depression Romanian: Depresiunea Elanului.
  • Falciu Hills Romanian: Dealurile Falciului,
  • Covurlui Plateau Romanian: Podisul Covurlui, and
  • Tutova Hills Romanian: Colinele Tutovei,