ⓘ Latin Quarter (nightclub)

Latin Quarter (nightclub)

ⓘ Latin Quarter (nightclub)

Latin Quarter is a nightclub in New York City. The club which originally opened in 1942 featured big-name acts. In recent years it has been a focus of hip hop, reggaeton and salsa music. Its history is similar to that of its competitor the Copacabana.

  • New York City nightclub Operating from 1942 to 1944, it was closely associated with singer Frank Sinatra, who made his solo nightclub debut there in
  • Rose Sherman in New York. His father was the bandleader at the Latin Quarter nightclub in New York under the name Buddy Harlowe. The young Harlow, is
  • Hutton. Rivera put together her own show and performed it at the Latin Quarter nightclub and Havana - Madrid in New York. She was also a marquee name back
  • Latin American music has long influenced popular American music, including jazz, rhythm and blues, and even country music, and both Latin American music
  • utilising linked turntables. In 1957, she opened Chez Regine in the Latin Quarter which became the place to be seen for playboys and princes. As Zylberberg s
  • of the Latin division of Universal Music Publishing Group. June 12: Following the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting which occurred during a Latin night
  • hotel closed shortly thereafter, although the hotel s basement nightclub New Latin Quarter remained operational through 1989. There are urban legends that
  • the most important in the Latin industry during the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, as well as a film company, nightclubs and restaurants. Mercado
  • avant - garde and artistic venture. The club provided a solid model for future nightclubs After homosexuality was decriminalized in the UK in 1967, gay bar culture

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