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Chester-St. Margarets

ⓘ Chester-St. Margarets

Chester - St. Margarets is a provincial electoral district in Nova Scotia, Canada, that elects one member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. It is located on the South Shore.

The constituency was created in 1956 as a subdivision of Lunenburg County. It was called the Lunenburg East from 1956 to 1993. In 1993, the district was renamed Chester - St. Margarets and received Tancook island from the center of Lunenburg and the Bay of St Margarets from the Halifax St. Margarets. In 2003, she received the communities of West Dover and Bayside. In 2012 the district lost the top of Tantallon North of highway 103 to Hammonds plains-Lucasville.

The area includes the municipality of Chester and the communities in the regional administration Halifax along the coast of the Gulf of Saint Margarets, including the Bay of Halifax. Major towns in the riding include Hubbards, Chester, Western shore, Boutiliers point and head across St Margarets.

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  • The Church of St Thomas of Canterbury is an active Anglican parish church situated in the City of Chester in an area of the city informally known as
  • or Hugh the Wolf Latin: Hugo Lupus was the second Norman Earl of Chester 1 st of the 2nd creation and one of the great magnates of early Norman England
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  • Stephen s House, Oxford 1959 1962 He was ordained deacon in 1962, priest in 1963 and bishop in 1989. Chesters served as assistant curate of St Anne s Wandsworth
  • The position of Lord Mayor of Chester was created on 10 March 1992 when the dignity was conferred on the city of Chester England by Letters Patent as
  • Hawise of Chester 1 st Countess of Lincoln suo jure 1180 - 6 June 1241 3 May 1243 was an Anglo - Norman noblewoman and a wealthy heiress. Her father was

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