ⓘ Zhao'an County

Zhaoan County

ⓘ Zhaoan County

Zhaoan is a county in the municipal region of Zhangzhou, southernmost Fujian province, Peoples Republic of China.

  • raiding Xiu County 蓨縣, in modern Hengshui, Hebei As part of the raid, Zhao captured a child named Liu Yanshou, who was a son of Xiu s county magistrate
  • of the county It was a place of the 351 CE Battle of Xiangguo between Ran Min s army and Shi Zhi of Later Zhao After the battle, the Later Zhao general
  • 梁雙 started a revolt in the county and conquered Xi 西 a district in Qiangdao where Zhao Ang s family members lived. Zhao Ang s two sons were killed
  • would become heir apparent. After Zhào Huàn became leader he was banished from the Zhao capitals of Zhongmu County Chinese: 中牟 in modern - day Henan
  • January 1, 1998 was a Chinese poet and translator. Zhao was born on May 9, 1912 in Xinshi, Deqing County Zhejiang, China. She married Chen Mengjia, an anthropologist
  • Pagoda, and the Zhao Gao Forest Park. As is usual in Chinese, the name Daixian is used for both the county as a whole and for the county seat at Shangguan
  • Athletics Championships in 2013. Born in Liaocheng, Shen County in China s Shandong province, Zhao Yanmin was the only child of Ji and Gui, both of whom
  • surrendered to the State of Zhao. King Daoxiang of Zhao granted him the territory of Rao 饒 modern Raoyang County Hebei In 239 BC, Qin forces occupied Rao
  • 2019, following a court verdict. Zhao Zhihong was born on September 5, 1972, in the village of Yongxing, Liangcheng County After graduating from school

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