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To Vima is a Greek daily newspaper first published in 1922 by Dimitris Lambrakis, the father of Christos Lambrakis, as Elefthero Vima.

It was owned by Lambrakis Press Group DOL, a group that also publishes the newspaper Ta Nea, among others in its fold of publications. The assets of DOL were acquired in 2017 by Alter Ego Media S.A. To Vima is a high-quality newspaper in Greece, and arguably the most influential in political issues; it was published daily until 2011, but since publishes only its flagship Sunday edition, whose current managing editor is Stavros Psycharis. To Vima is historically the newspaper to which prominent politicians would most commonly provide interviews or write articles. Eleftherios Venizelos, Georgios Papandreou, Nikolaos Plastiras, Constantine Karamanlis and Andreas Papandreou are among those who wrote for the newspaper.


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The newspaper features as columnists prominent journalists within the Greek media, including Yiannis Pretenderis and Vassilis Moulopoulos. Some of the newspapers regular columnists include academics, university professors, political scientists and a number of politicians. The Sunday edition of the newspaper used to be a staple of Greek press, while today it competes both with the centre-left To Proto Thema and the high-quality conservative Kathimerini. To Vima, by Greek standards, is considered center-left and is politically aligned with the centrist reformist wing of the Greek social-democratic party PASOK. The majority of publications from within the Lambrakis Press fold are also politically aligned with the party. Some of its former editor have occupied key ministerial positions with the PASOK, such as Petros Efthimiou and Giorgos Romeos; it is also not uncommon for some of its journalists to stand for parliament, mainly with PASOK.

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