ⓘ Lianjiang, Guangdong

Lianjiang, Guangdong

ⓘ Lianjiang, Guangdong

Lianjiang is a county-level city in the municipal region of Zhanjiang, Guangdong.

County Lanessan is in the North of Leizhou Peninsula and faces the Beibu Bay in the South-West. The city is bordered on the East by Maoming municipality 茂名市, in the South of the city Echoing 吴川市, Potou district and Suixi County 坡头区 遂溪县, all in Zhanjiang, in the West Anpugang harbour 安铺港, part of the Gulf of Tonkin and Beihai in Guangxi province, in the North of Yulin. The town is situated 48 kilometers North of the city of Zhanjiang.

  • alternately romanized as Lukfung, is a county - level city in the southeast of Guangdong province, administered as a part of the prefecture - level city of Shanwei
  • Guangdong a province of the People s Republic of China, is made up of the following administrative divisions. All of these administrative divisions are
  • Huìdōng Xiàn Jyutping: wai6 dung1 jyun6 is a county of southeastern Guangdong province, People s Republic of China, with some South China Sea coast
  • Music of Guangdong is a synthesis of a number of local Guangdong folk music styles. In modern times, the Chinese province of Guangdong has become known
  • The Economy of Guangdong is one of the most prosperous in China. Guangdong is located in southern China, bordering on Fujian Province to the east, Hunan
  • under the jurisdiction of Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, China. The second largest city in east Guangdong Xingning has an area of 2, 104.85 square
  • River and Lianjiang River of Bei River tributary, to the west by the Dupang Mountains. The tributaries of the Xiao reach Lianzhou of Guangdong and Guangxi
  • Xinyi, alternately romanized as Sunyi, is a county - level city in Guangdong Province, China. It is administered as part of the prefecture - level city of
  • Gaozhou is a county - level city in southwestern Guangdong Province, China. Formerly the primary city in the area, it is now administered as part of the

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