ⓘ Licheng District, Quanzhou

Licheng District, Quanzhou

ⓘ Licheng District, Quanzhou

Licheng District consists of two parts, separated by the Jin River. On the left, northeastern side of the river, Licheng District includes several square kilometers that encompass most of Quanzhous historical center, this is surrounded on all sides other than the river by Fengze District. On the right, southeastern side, Licheng District includes a much larger area, with both urban and suburban parts.

  • Yǒngchūn Min Nan: Eng - chhun lit. eternal spring is a county in western Quanzhou city of southern Fujian province, People s Republic of China, located on
  • 19th century, however, this name had migrated and was used to refer to Quanzhou a separate port about 65 miles 105 km east - northeast of central Zhangzhou
  • Qianqin Farm 前沁农场 Houhai Management Area 后海管理局 The only subdistrict is Licheng Subdistrict 鲤城街道 Towns: Fengting 枫亭镇 Bangtou 榜头镇 Jiaowei 郊尾镇
  • province, People s Republic of China. It is under the administration of Quanzhou City and covers an area of 2, 232 square kilometres 862 sq mi with a total
  • originating from Xiamen, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou based on their dialects and districts of origin. People from the former two areas Quanzhou - speaking were dominant

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