ⓘ Adversarial purchasing


ⓘ Adversarial purchasing

An adversarial relationship in purchasing and supply arises when identical or equivalent good or services are available from competing suppliers and buyers/sellers are trying to gain an advantage over each other. Low levels of trust are characteristic of adversarial relationships.

Adversarial purchasing is a form of strategic management designed to take advantage of competition for a buyers business in business-to-business relationships while simultaneously lowering the firms dependence on a single supplier. Successful implementation of this strategy can lower the firms prices and raise the service and attention gained from its suppliers.

  • Also, Google has reportedly resisted removing fraudulent listings. Adversarial information retrieval Criticism of Google Deregulation Hijacked journal
  • Rogue Spear s online multiplayer consists of two modes: cooperative and adversarial In cooperative mode, individuals team up with other players to complete
  • cybersecurity analyst Jeffrey Carr have noted that the two once had an adversarial relationship. In its early years, RSA and its leaders were prominent
  • Wales State Government and the Federal Treasurer Peter Costello launched adversarial advertising campaigns concerning distribution of the GST to the states
  • 23 January 2009 and the fate of the deposits became the subject of an adversarial court action at that time. The sale to EclipseJet was not completed and
  • Whyalla s dust - affected community as reactive very closed door and adversarial OneSteel eventually worked with the Whyalla Red Dust Action Group and
  • the proliferation of nuclear technologies, and the dilemmas posed by adversarial and failed states. And I think it important, especially at a time of
  • which is to sell by the ton. The typical industry approach creates an adversarial relationship in which the vineyard is advantaged to hang more fruit on
  • head of PR for Katharine Hamnett fashion brand. Kamer has made several adversarial news films alongside satirical reporting. In 2006, he visited Egypt and
  • In its review, Edge focused on the game s unusual social, rather than adversarial focus. Maxim gave the game a score of eight out of ten and stated that
  • dovetailed with those of Woll, who advocated a cooperative rather than adversarial relationship with management. Green s religious views also led him to

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