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The Amper, called the Ammer upstream of the Ammersee, through which it runs, is the largest tributary of the Isar in southern Bavaria, Germany. It flows generally north-eastward, reaching the Isar in Moosburg, about 190 kilometres from its source in the Ammergau Alps, with a flow of 45 m³/s. Including its tributary, Linder, it is 209.5 km long. Major tributaries are the Glonn, which springs near Augsburg; the Wurm, which is the outflow of Lake Starnberg; and the Maisach.

The Ammer starts just south of the village of Oberammergau. Riverside cities include Furstenfeldbruck, Dachau and Moosburg.

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  • of Bavaria, Germany. It flows into the Ammersee, which is drained by the Amper near DieSen am Ammersee. List of rivers of Bavaria Complete table of the

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