ⓘ Workers' Party (Turkey)

Workers' Party (Turkey)

ⓘ Workers Party (Turkey)

The Workers Party was a political party founded in 1992 and led by Doğu Perinçek. IP has its roots in the Revolutionary Workers and Peasants Party of Turkey, the Workers and Peasants Party of Turkey and the Socialist Party which was banned by the Constitutional Court in 1992. They are known as Aydınlıkçılar due to their daily newspaper Aydınlık that has a circulation of 63.000.

During a general assembly on 15 February 2015, the Workers Party was rebranded and changed its name to Patriotic Party, with Perinçek remaining as leader.


1. Overview

The IP traditionally combined Maoist rhetoric with a hardline Kemalism. Although they accept scientific socialism as their main ideology, they have a more patriotic ideology than other left-wing parties in Turkey. Their revolutionary strategy is based on "National Democratic Revolution", which is close to Mao Zedongs "New Democratic Revolution". IP supports Stalins "Socialism in One Country" thesis, rather than Mirsaid Sultan-Galievs "national communism" thesis. Such that, Mehmet Bedri Gultekin, deputy chairman of the party, wrote a book on Sultan-Galievs counter-revolutionary role. They admire the founder of the Turkish republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who is considered a "left-wing bourgeois democratic revolutionary" by Chairman Perinçek as much as they admire Marxist revolutionary leaders like Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong. They also promote alliances with nations they believe have anti-imperialist tendencies such as Venezuela, Brazil and Cuba and oppose the existence of American expansionism - such as India, China and Russia.

IP states that a brotherhood based solution to the Kurdish question must exclude imperialist initiative in the Middle East. They claim that the Kurdistan Workers Party PKK has been completely under the control of the USA since the Gulf War. IP asserts that it is still possible to unite Turkish and Kurdish people in Turkey within the borders of an anti-imperialist nation state which will be established through a democratic revolution. According to them, separatism became a tool of American imperialism in breaking national markets in the Third World in post-Cold War conditions. Although they traverse separation, they also defend democratic rights and freedoms of Kurds in Turkey. For IP, the key tool to solve the Kurdish problem is to demolish "feudal structures" in Kurdish provinces and make peasants "free citizens".


2. Media

  • Aydınlık Clarity, daily newspaper.
  • Ulusal Kanal National Channel, television station.
  • Aydınlık Daily, news portal in English.
  • Bilim ve Utopya Science and Utopia, monthly science journal.
  • Kaynak Yayınları Source Publications, publisher.
  • Teori Theory, monthly theory and strategy review.

3. Election results

  • 2002 general election: 160.227 votes 0.51%
  • 1995 general election: 61.428 votes 0.22%
  • 1999 general election: 57.593 votes 0.18%
  • 2007 general election: 127.220 votes 0.36%
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