ⓘ Labour Party of Iran


ⓘ Labour Party of Iran

The Labour Party of Iran is a Hoxhaist Communist party whose leadership is exiled in Germany. It is against the Iranian government and is a member of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations.


1. History

The original party was founded in 1965 after a split within Tudeh over concerns of reformism, calling itself the Revolutionary Tudeh Party. It was later renamed the Marxist-Leninist Organization Toufan "Toufan" meaning Storm. It aligned with the Peoples Socialist Republic of Albania following the Sino-Albanian split.


1.1. History The Iranian Governments state terrorism against exiled politicians

Since its creation, the Islamic Republic of Iran has ordered attacks and assassinations on Iranian politicians in exile, condemning them as heretics or traitors Bani Sadr, Shapour Bakhtiar. These attacks led to a number of unsettled murders and assassinations that took place mainly in countries of the European Union in the 1980s and early 1990s. Hamid Reza Chitgar known as Hamid Bahmani was the representative of the Labor Party of Iran in the 1980s. He was corresponding with a certain Ali Amiztab from Iran for two years. In May 1987, he was lured from his exile in Paris to meet the man in Austria and was found assassinated two months later in an abandoned apartment in Vienna.