ⓘ Head On (1998 film)

Head On (1998 film)

ⓘ Head On (1998 film)

Head On is a 1998 Australian drama film directed by Ana Kokkinos. Based on the novel Loaded written by Christos Tsiolkas, it stars Alex Dimitriades as a young, repressed gay man of Greek descent living in inner city Melbourne. The film gained notoriety upon its release for its sexual explicitness, including a graphic masturbation scene performed by Dimitriades and numerous sex scenes. The film received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics, with positive reviewers praising its stark realism, the lead performance by Dimitriades and the uncompromising subject matter.


1. Plot synopsis

Over a 24-hour period, 19-year-old Ari confronts his sexuality and his Greek background. Ari is obsessed with sex and has sexual encounters with multiple people, most of them gay, and attempts to fulfill the sister of one of his best friends. At the same time, he is facing problems with his traditional Greek parents, who have no clue about his sexual and drug taking activities.


2. Cast

  • Vassili Zappa as Vassili
  • Elena Mandalis as Betty
  • Alex Dimitriades as Ari
  • Tony Nikolakopoulos as Dimitri
  • Paul Capsis as Johnny/Tula
  • Maria Mercedes as Tasia
  • Dora Kaskanis as Dina
  • Damien Fotiou as Joe
  • Julian Garner as Sean
  • Andrea Mandalis as Alex
  • Eugenia Fragos as Sophia
  • Alex Papps as Peter

3. Reception

Head On received mixed to positive reviews, earning a 63% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.4 rating on IMDb.

Head On divided the Greek community in Australia, Kokkinos said in an interview with the LA Times. Kokkinos said "what it did is that it opened up a dialogue between younger Greeks and their parents. What the film has done is that it has broken down barriers."

Awards and nominations

Australian Film Institute

  • Best Direction Ana Kokkinos, nominated
  • Best Actor Alex Dimitriades, nominated
  • Best Sound nominated
  • Best Editing won
  • Best Supporting Actor Paul Capsis, nominated
  • Best Screenplay - Adapted
  • Best Original Score Ollie Olsen, nominated
  • Best Costume Design nominated
  • Best Film nominated

L.A. Outfest

  • Grand Jury Award: Outstanding Foreign Narrative Feature Ana Kokkinos, won

San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

  • Best First Feature Ana Kokkinos, won

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