ⓘ Mechanized Brigade "Sassari"

Mechanized Brigade Sassari

ⓘ Mechanized Brigade "Sassari"

The Mechanized Brigade "Sassari" is a mechanized infantry brigade of the Italian Army, based on the island of Sardinia. Its core are three infantry regiments which distinguished themselves in combat during World War I. Carrying the name of the Sardinian city of Sassari the brigades coat of arms is modeled after the citys coat of arms. The brigade is part of the Division "Acqui".

  • organization to NATO standards and thus added a brigade level to the divisions structure. I Mechanized Brigade Centauro, in Milan 3rd Bersaglieri Regiment
  • twinning Italy portal Sassarese language Province of Sassari University of Sassari Sassari Mechanized Brigade Superficie di Comuni Province e Regioni italiane
  • Ordinance in 1861. Dimonios Demons is the official hymn of the Sassari Mechanized Brigade written in Sardinian by Luciano Sechi in 1994. Ballu tundu Cantu
  • Mechanized Infantry Battalion Calabria in Cividale del Friuli 76th Mechanized Infantry Battalion Napoli in Cividale del Friuli 114th Mechanized
  • Bersaglieri Brigade Garibaldi 1st Battalion La Marmora Dardo IFV 3rd Bersaglieri Regiment, in Teulada Mechanized Brigade Sassari 18th Battalion
  • reduced to brigade again on 21 February 1961. Since then the name and traditions of the division are carried by the Aosta Mechanized Brigade in Palermo
  • region 152nd Infantry Regiment Sassari CAR in Sassari Command and Services Company, in Sassari I Battalion, in Sassari II Battalion, in Cagliari III
  • personnel carriers 67th Mechanized Infantry Battalion Montelungo, in Monza, M113 armored personnel carriers 68th Mechanized Infantry Battalion Palermo
  • World War II 12th Mechanized Infantry Division Greece a Greek unit based at Alexandroupoli, Thrace 12th Infantry Division Sassari Kingdom of Italy
  • 1962 the division was reduced to brigade and it has been active as such since then. see Pinerolo Mechanized Brigade The remnants of the division were

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