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ⓘ Lutzen

It is situated in the Leipzig Bay, approximately 10 km 6.2 mi southwest of the Leipzig city limits and 14 km 8.7 mi northeast of WeiSenfels. The town has access to the BundesstraSe 87 road from Leipzig to WeiSenfels as well as to the Bundesautobahn 9 at the Bad Durrenberg junction and the Bundesautobahn 38.

The municipal district includes the villages of

  • Meuchen, incorporated in 1973.
  • Dehlitz, Sossen and Zorbau, incorporated in 2011.
  • Rocken, incorporated in 2009.
  • GroSgorschen, Muschwitz, Poserna, Rippach and Starsiedel, incorporated in 2010.
  • retreat at Tordesillas in 1812. The following year he led a division at Lutzen and a corps at Leipzig. He remained loyal to the Bourbons during the Hundred
  • died 1674 Norway portal History portal Lists portal Eriksson, Bo 2007 Lutzen 1632 in Swedish Stockholm: Norstedts Pocket. pp. 67 73. ISBN 978 - 91 - 7263 - 790 - 0
  • 1911 Thompsonia littoralis Lutzen Jespersen, 1990 Thompsonia pilodiae Lutzen Jespersen, 1990 Thompsonia reinhardi Lutzen 1992 Thompsonia sinensis
  • between the Lutzen South A 38 and WeiSenfels A 9 via the autobahns A38 and A9 the previous connection between WeiSenfels and Lutzen was renamed as
  • the 2nd Cuirassier Division under Baron Duka and fought at the battles of Lutzen and Bautzen. List of Russian commanders in the Patriotic War of 1812 The
  • are not universally accepted: Diplothylacus Hoeg Lutzen 1993 disputed Pottsia Hoeg Lutzen 1993 disputed Thompsonia Hafele, 1911 Thylacoplectus
  • European leader. He was killed a year later, however, at the Battle of Lutzen 1632 He was assisted in his efforts by Count Axel Oxenstierna, the Lord
  • Saxony - Anhalt, Germany. Since 1 July 2009, it has been part of the town of Lutzen In 1844 philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was born in the village, where
  • members. Established following the death of Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden at Lutzen in November 1632, it was directed by Sweden, with France providing financial

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