ⓘ Anglo-American Petroleum Agreement


ⓘ Anglo-American Petroleum Agreement

The Anglo-American Petroleum Agreement or Washington Agreement was a failed attempt by the British and American governments to establish a lasting agreement to manage international petroleum supply and demand. The agreement would have established the International Petroleum Commission for the purposes of balancing discordant supply and demand, managing surplus, and bringing order and stability to a market laden with oversupply, similar to the Texas Railroad Commission in the United States. After being concluded, the agreement faced near total opposition from the petroleum industry, prompting U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt to withdraw the treaty from ratification consideration and abandon the agreement.

  • 75 the Royal Dutch Shell Group, the Anglo - Persian Company which would eventually become the British Petroleum Company, or BP Compagnie Française des
  • Regal Petroleum plc is a petroleum company based in London with assets in Romania, Ukraine, Greece, and Egypt. It was founded by Frank Timis in November
  • Murco Petroleum Limited is a United Kingdom based oil refining company. It was set up by Murphy Oil Corporation in 1960. The company owns a forecourt
  • APOC to the Anglo - Iranian Oil Company AIOC In 1937, Iraq Petroleum Company, 23.75 percent owned by BP, signed an oil concession agreement with the Sultan
  • Revolution, the NIOC took control of Iran s petroleum industry and canceled Iran s international oil agreements In 1980 the exploration, production, sale
  • it was said, a single hat changed the destiny of Anglo Persian and its successor, British Petroleum De Bockh and Lees later published the theoretical
  • Anglo - Persian joined forces with Gulf Oil leaving Williamson out of the negotiations and, in 1935, the two companies concluded a concession agreement
  • selling Iranian oil extraction rights to the Anglo - Persian Oil Company, later called British Petroleum BP Though Iran was officially neutral at the
  • of its requirements under the agreement It became a major supplier of vital materials to Germany, including petroleum manganese, copper, nickel, chrome
  • Dana Petroleum plc is an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Aberdeen, United Kingdom. Its activities are focused on the North Sea

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