ⓘ Oloron-Sainte-Marie


ⓘ Oloron-Sainte-Marie

Oloron-Sainte-Marie is a commune in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques department in the region of Bearn in south-western France.

  • 671 ft in Spain. After joining the Gave d Ossau, in Oloron - Sainte - Marie it forms the Gave d Oloron R Arnousse L Gave de Baralet R Sescouet L
  • Southwest of France. It flows into the gave in Moumour, downstream from Oloron - Sainte - Marie Vert means green in French, but the river name, Bert in 1467
  • Jean - Armand du Peyrer, Comte de Troisville or Tresville 1598 at Oloron - Sainte - Marie 8 May 1672 at Trois - Villes was a French officer. He was fictionalized
  • Gratus of Oloron at a time when the Catholic Church in Southern France was facing significant persecution from the Visigoth kings. Oloron - Sainte - Marie Ancient
  • at Ogeu - les - Bains: local service TER Nouvelle - Aquitaine Pau - Oloron - Sainte - Marie - Bedous Timetables TER Aquitaine in French Coordinates: 43 09 15 N
  • Pierre Bernard Palassou 9 June 1745, Oloron - Sainte - Marie 9 April 1830, Ogenne - Camptort was a French naturalist known for pioneer geological and mineralogical
  • now known as Pyrenees - Atlantiques He also served as the mayor of Oloron - Sainte - Marie from 1965 to 1976. Guy Ebrard National Assembly. Retrieved April
  • poet and writer. He had lived in Paris, but would often return to Oloron - Sainte - Marie where his mother lived. There, he would recuperate through writing
  • He died in France at the age of 92. His final resting place is in Oloron - Sainte - Marie While still a boy Gimenez had to work as a grocery clerk but, by

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