ⓘ Bitonto Cathedral

Bitonto Cathedral

ⓘ Bitonto Cathedral

Bitonto Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in the city of Bitonto in the Province of Bari, Italy.

  • Senigallia Territorial Prelature of Loreto Metropolitan Archdiocese of Bari - Bitonto Archdiocese of Trani - Barletta - Bisceglie Diocese of Altamura - Gravina - Acquaviva
  • by the humanist scholar Giovanni Pontano. In 1464 he became Marquis of Bitonto In September 1477, Andrea Matteo married Isabella Piccolomini of Aragon
  • 1230 1239 by the architect whose name appears on the ambo in the cathedral of Bitonto Nicolaus Sacerdos. It has an arch under it, being supported partly
  • Fracasso received her Confirmation in 1903 from the Archbishop of Bari - Bitonto Giulio Vaccaro. In 1906 she claimed to have seen a beautiful woman in a
  • unsuccessfully tried to assassinate King Leopold II of Belgium. Rubino was born in Bitonto during the period of Italian unification. While serving in the Italian
  • the Province of Matera, in Basilicata. The bordering municipalities are Bitonto Cassano delle Murge, Gravina in Puglia, Grumo Appula, Matera, Ruvo di
  • Cornelio Musso, O.F.M. Conv. 14 Nov 1541 27 Oct 1544 Appointed, Bishop of Bitonto Tommaso Caselli, O.P. 27 Oct 1544 7 May 1548 Appointed, Bishop of Oppido
  • diocese of Conversano. The diocese is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Bari - Bitonto Conversano is the ancient Cupersanum. After the invasion of the Normans
  • Biscotti Regina Bitonto Bitonto Cathedral Black Brigades Blackshirts Bloom music venue Blue Grotto Capri Bobbio Bobbio Cathedral Boboli Gardens Bocca
  • Viceroy of Sicily. He victoriously lead the Spanish forces at the Battle of Bitonto Because of his services, he was ennobled by King Philip V of Spain. Below
  • note 3 236 with note 3. Morea was a native of Bitonto and served as Vicar General of the diocese of Bitonto He was appointed Bishop of Lacedonia on 2 October

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