ⓘ Monologue (film)

Monologue (film)

ⓘ Monologue (film)

Monologue is a 1972 Soviet drama film directed by Ilya Averbakh. It was entered into the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.


1. Cast

  • Leonid Nevedomsky as Oleg
  • Stanislav Lyubshin as Konstantin Samson Kotikov
  • Valeri Matveyev as Dima
  • Margarita Terekhova as Tasya, Sretenskys daughter
  • Yevgeniya Khanayeva as Elsa Ivanovna voiced by Irina Gubanova
  • Ernst Romanov as Vadim
  • Mikhail Gluzsky as Professor Sretensky
  • Leonid Gallis as Govornin, curator
  • Alla Pugacheva vocal.
  • Marina Neyolova as Nina, Sretenskys granddaughter
  • Inner Monologue Part 1. In June 2019, she began teasing songs from Inner Monologue Part 2, including 17 and Falling for Boys Inner Monologue Part
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