ⓘ Associate attorney

Associate attorney

ⓘ Associate attorney

Summer associates are current law students who have usually completed their second year of school or in some cases, their first year of law school and are interning at the firm for the summer. Summer associates have not passed the bar exam and are not attorneys. The summer associate program is often the primary method by which a law firm recruits for full-time associate positions.


1. Compensation

According to published data from the New York Times, the annual base salary for partner-track first year associate attorneys at top law firms in major U.S. legal markets such as New York, California, Massachusetts, the District of Columbia, and Texas can range from $160.000 to $190.000 per year - with salary varying depending on the size and reputation of the firm.

  • Moschella born April 17, 1968 is an American lawyer and former Associate Deputy Attorney General. Moschella received a bachelor s degree from the University
  • additional attorneys Bud Cummins and Todd Graves, may have been dismissed under similar circumstances earlier in 2006.Bud Cummins is frequently associated with
  • Beth Kelly, former Associate Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court Dana Nessel, attorney Patrick Miles Jr., Former United States Attorney for the Western
  • Attorneys Senate: Part II Preserving Prosecutorial Independence Witnesses for both hearings: William Moschella, Principal Associate Deputy Attorney
  • born November 5, 1946 is an American attorney who served as President George W. Bush s first Associate Attorney General. Stephens grew up on a livestock
  • Attorney s fee is a chiefly United States term for compensation for legal services performed by an attorney lawyer or law firm for a client, in or out
  • American lawyer and the former United States Associate Attorney General. He served as Associate Attorney General during the administration of President
  • The Minister of Justice and Attorney General MoJAG French: Ministre de la justice et procureur general du Canada is a dual role portfolio in the Canadian
  • 1998 - 2001 He was an associate with the law firm of Walz and Associates in Albuquerque when he was nominated as US Attorney for the District of New

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