ⓘ Huairou District

Huairou District

ⓘ Huairou District

In 1995 during the United Nations 4th Worlds Women Conference in Beijing, the Civil Society community was forced to meet in the Huairou district, an hour from the official proceedings, leading to a great deal of discontent, as many of the non-governmental actors present felt marginalized. In a tent at the Civil Society Village established especially for poor, grassroots women at the conference organized by GROOTS International, the Huairou Commission, a registered non-governmental organization with a global secretariat in Brooklyn, NY, was established to ensure that grassroots women would have a voice at subsequent UN conferences and in other development processes.

Also in 1995, the film industry began to develop in Yangsong, a city in the South-East of Huairou. China Film Group Corporation has built its Studio in Huairou in 2005.

  • two suburban districts Huairou District and Miyun District from central Beijing. Changping North and Huairou North started the Huairou - Miyun line service
  • The Huairou Reservoir is a reservoir about 60km north of Beijing, China. It is the site of the Huairou Solar Observing Station. SITE DESCRIPTION bao
  • The Huairou Solar Observing Station is a solar observatory in China. It is situated on a north bank of the Huairou Reservoir, about 40km north of Beijing
  • Liulimiao is a township of Beijing. It is part of the Huairou District and is located at the foot of Yunmeng Mountain of the Yan Mountains. Amazing Liulimiao
  • Hui Autonomous County 焉耆回族自治县 in Bayin gholin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture Elsewhere Yanqi, Beijing 雁栖地区 area of Huairou District Beijing Yankee
  • pinyin: Mùtianyù is a section of the Great Wall of China located in Huairou District within the city limits of Beijing 70 kilometers 43 mi northeast of
  • Baoshan, Beijing zh subdivision of Huairou District Beijing Baoshan, Suihua zh subdivision of Beilin District Suihua, Heilongjiang Baoshan, Inner
  • District Seodaemun District Seongbuk District and Dongdaemun District underwent similar changes. Hampyeong County, South Jeolla Huairou District
  • x - ray radiations for scientific applications that will be built in the Huairou District in suburban Beijing, with estimated completion in 2025. Beijing Synchrotron
  • central Beijing via Huairou District and Miyun County to Chengde in Hebei province, and the 6th Ring Road. Gaoliying is in Shunyi District Coordinates: 40 09 04 N