ⓘ 66th Theater Aviation Command

66th Theater Aviation Command

ⓘ 66th Theater Aviation Command

The 66th Theater Aviation Command is an aviation command of the United States Army National Guard, previously designated as an aviation brigade. It may comprise two aviation brigades and the 449th Aviation Brigade) and the 204th Theater Aviation Operations Group.

185th aviation brigade includes 3-135 aviation, 1-169 aviation 1-171, and 351st aviation support battalion.

449th aviation brigade includes 1-126 aviation and aviation 1-244.

  • XII Bomber Command served in combat in the Mediterranean theater until 1 November 1943 when most of the personnel were withdrawn. The command was restaffed
  • XIX Tactical Air Command 16 January July 1945 Second Air Force, 3 August 7 November 1945 66th Fighter Wing, 9 December 1946 55 th Fighter Wing, 7 December
  • States Air Force, the 164 th is gained by Air Mobility Command The wing has been an airlift unit since it was established as the 164 th Air Transport Group
  • He served with the 3525 th Pilot Training Wing at Williams Air Force Base until October 1949, when he was transferred to the 66th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
  • Combat Team, 34 th Combat Aviation Brigade, 84 th Troop Command and the 347 th Regional Support Group. Known as the Red Bulls, the 34 th Infantry Division
  • the command of Lieutenant General Robert Eichelberger. The Eighth Army took part in many of the amphibious landings in the Southwest Pacific Theater of
  • Connecticut National Guard divisional aviation 43d Division 1 November 1923 IV Army Corps, 24 February 1941 66th Observation later Reconnaissance Tactical
  • World War II predecessor unit, the 374 th Troop Carrier Group operated primarily in the Southwest Pacific Theater being formed in Australia in 1942 using

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