ⓘ Angren River

Angren River

ⓘ Angren River

The Angren River, also known as Achangaran, is a river in Tashkent Region of Uzbekistan. It flows for 223 kilometres and has a basin area of 5.260 square kilometres. It flows through the town of Angren. The Angren is a right tributary of the Syr Darya.

A dam is built over the river.

  • Aryan tribes lived in the valleys of the Zeravshan, the Chirchik and the Angren Zaman - Baba Great Soviet Encyclopedia. Kuz mina, Elena Efimovna 2008
  • centred on the middle course of the Syr Darya and its tributaries: the Angren Chirchik, and Keles. The culture was named after an ancient townsite now
  • state of North Rhine - Westphalia. Much of the west border runs along the River Maas, bordering the Flemish province of Limburg. On the south end it has
  • Flying Dutchman on the album Poses. Dutch symphonic black metal band Carach Angren wrote a concept album about the Flying Dutchman entitled Death Came Through
  • metal bands have risen to prominence from the Netherlands recently. Carach Angren Cirith Gorgor, Israthoum, Dodecahedron, Ordo Draconis, Funeral Winds, Lugubre
  • released as a B side of the single China 2010: The Dutch band Carach Angren released an album Death Came Through A Phantom Ship in which its lyrical
  • Otargos Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson Marduk Nidingr Seregor Carach Angren Sol Faur Negura Bunget, Dordeduh Thomas Backelin Lord Belial Alastor
  • of Aviation 1995 Nukus Industrial - Pedagogical Institute 1995 Angren Technical College 1995 Almalyk Technical College 1995 Chirchik

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