ⓘ Beienrode (Königslutter)

Beienrode (Konigslutter)

ⓘ Beienrode (Konigslutter)

Beienrode is a small village close to the mountain range Dorm in the Bundesland Lower Saxony, Germany. Beienrode is ca. 35 km eastward from Braunschweig. The village is directly up to the Autobahn A2 between Hannover and Berlin. The town of Beienrode accommodates about 545 residents and belongs to the city of Konigslutter am Elm.

  • the following 18 municipalities: Beienrode Boimstorf Bornum am Elm Glentorf GroS Steinum Klein Steimke Konigslutter Lauingen Lelm Ochsendorf Rhode Rieseberg
  • Uhry a small village that is part of the city of Konigslutter Lower Saxony, Germany. It lies close to the mountain range of Dorm and is about 35 km east
  • PDF Flechtorf - Beienrode Evangelical Church. Retrieved 2 August 2019. James Dignan and Jorg Majewski 27 June 2007 Konigslutter at Elm City Germany
  • of Beienrode Konigslutter Iwand s youngest daughter, the Veronika Geyer - Iwand 1943 - 1997 a popular religion teacher and the mayor of Beienrode married

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