ⓘ Arnedo


ⓘ Arnedo

Arnedo is the third largest town in La Rioja, Spain. It is located near Calahorra, and has a population of about 15.000 people.

Its economy is based on the footwear industry.

  • Neves Ferreira 2017.02.15 - present Bishop Francisco Javier Hernandez Arnedo O.A.R. 1991.03.06 2017.02.15 Bishop Timoteo Francisco Nemesio Pereira
  • dissolution of the band Sumo. Ricardo Mollo vocals, guitar and Diego Arnedo bass guitar joined drummer Gustavo Collado to form a band named La Division
  • is a Spanish footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for SD Huesca. Born in Arnedo La Rioja, Fernandez represented CA Osasuna as a youth. He made his senior
  • Francisco Javier de Lizana y Beaumont 1750 in Arnedo La Rioja, Spain March 6, 1815 in Mexico City was bishop of Mexico and, from July 19, 1809 to
  • mints: Areicoraticos Arecorataz Arenetum Arnedo near Inestrillas La Rioja Quelia Quelium Quel, near Arnedo La Rioja Celtiberian mint: Cueliocos
  • 2001 - 2002 VG - 62 Naantali 2002 - 2003 Inter Turku 2003 - 2004 YF Juventus 2005 Cobreloa 2006 Trujillanos 2007 Arnedo 2008 - 2009 Profile at BDFA in Spanish
  • 71 5. doi: 10.1042 bj3150071. PMC 1217198. PMID 8670134. Puisac B, Ramos M, Arnedo M, Menao S, Gil - Rodriguez MC, Teresa - Rodrigo ME, Pie A, de Karam JC, Wesselink
  • to: Villar del Arzobispo, municipality in Valencia, Spain El Villar de Arnedo municipality in La Rioja, Spain Elvillar Bilar, municipality in Alava
  • species from the two chains are the result of independent colonizations Arnedo Gillespie, 2006 The Marquesas species H. triangulifera and H. flavipes

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