ⓘ Literary cycle

Literary cycle

ⓘ Literary cycle

A literary cycle is a group of stories focused on common figures, often based on mythical figures or loosely on historical ones. Cycles which deal with an entire country are sometimes referred to as matters. A fictional cycle is often referred to as a mythos.


1. Examples from folk and classical literature

  • The Anansi tales, which center on the Ashanti of Ghana trickster spider-spirit Anansi, and its variations in the Americas as Ti Malice and Bouki in Haiti, Brer Rabbit or John and Old Master in the Southern US.
  • The four troubadours Bernart dAuriac, Pere Salvatge, Roger Bernard III of Foix, and Peter III of Aragon composed a cycle of four sirventes in the summer of 1285 concerning the Aragonese Crusade.
  • The Matter of Britain or the "Arthurian cycle", which centers on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
  • The Vulgate cycle also known as the Lancelot-Grail
  • The tales of the One Thousand and One Nights, brought together by the frame story of the tale of Scheherazade and Shahryār.
  • The Post-Vulgate cycle
  • Garin le Loherain
  • Chanson de Geste
  • Doon de Mayence
  • The Matter of France or the "Carolingian cycle", which centers on Charlemagne and the Twelve Peers
  • La Geste de Garin de Monglane
  • Crusade cycle
  • The Shahnameh or" The Book of Kings” and the legend of Arash the Archer as well as Avesta that make up most of the Persian Mythology, namely, tales of heroes like Rostam and Esfandyar
  • The Reynard cycle, which centers on the fabular fox Reynard
  • The voyages of Sinbad the sailor, the hero of a cycle of tales of monsters, magical places, and supernatural phenomena met on his successive voyages.
  • The epic cycle centering on the Trojan War
  • Two examples of Japanese cycles are: the Matter of Japan and the Genji-Heike Cycle. Also popular are the Soga Brothers and Forty-Seven Ronin cycles.
  • Der Ring des Nibelungen or the "Ring cycle", which centers on the Ring and the Norse pantheon
  • The Henriad, the four plays of Shakespeare centered on Henry V.
  • The Cycle of the Kings, which centers on the monarchy of Ireland
  • The Fenian Cycle, which centers on Fionn mac Cumhaill and the Fianna
  • The Mythological Cycle, which centers on the Celtic pantheon
  • The Ulster Cycle, which centers on Cu Chulainn and the Kingdom of Ulster
  • The Matter of Rome or the "cycle of Rome", which centers on Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great
  • American motorcycling enthusiast magazine Literary cycle a group of stories focused on common figures Cycle music a set of musical pieces that belong
  • the historical and literary relationship between the Homeric epics and the rest of the Cycle is called Neoanalysis. A longer Epic Cycle as described by
  • The Ibsen Cycle The Design of the Plays from Pillars of Society to When We Dead Awaken 1975, revised 1992 is a book by the British literary researcher
  • According to the medieval poet Jean Bodel, the Matter of Rome was the literary cycle made up of Greek and Roman mythology, together with episodes from the
  • The Cycles of the Kings, also known as the Kings Cycles or the Historical Cycle are a body of Old and Middle Irish literature. They contain stories of
  • Literary forgery also known as literary mystification, literary fraud or literary hoax is writing, such as a manuscript or a literary work, which is
  • one of the four major cycles of early Irish literary tradition, the others being the Ulster Cycle the Fenian Cycle and the Cycles of the Kings. The term
  • Lancelot - Grail, also known as the Vulgate Cycle or Pseudo - Map Cycle is an early 13th century literary cycle by unknown author s It consists of interconnected
  • The Ulster Cycle Irish: an Ruraiocht formerly known as the Red Branch Cycle one of the four great cycles of Irish mythology, is a body of medieval
  • from and inspired by classical mythology, it was one of the great literary cycles that figured repeatedly in medieval literature. The Matter of France
  • This glossary of literary terms is a list of definitions of terms and concepts used in the discussion, classification, analysis, and criticism of all types
  • The Baroque Cycle is a series of novels by American writer Neal Stephenson. It was published in three volumes containing eight books in 2003 and 2004