ⓘ Institute of Oil Transportation

Institute of Oil Transportation

ⓘ Institute of Oil Transportation

The Institute of Oil Transportation is a design and engineering company in Ukraine. It specialises in the transportation, handling, storage and distribution of crude oil and petroleum products in Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States.


1. History

  • March 1965 - January 1973 - "YuzhGiproTruboprovod" State Institute
  • March 1944 - April 1951 - Ukrainian Branch of "NefteprovodProekt" Trust
  • May 1958 - March 1965 - Kyiv Branch of "GiproTruboprovod" Institute
  • Since September 1995 - "Institute of Oil Transportation" IOT, Public Joint-Stock Company.
  • September 1994 - September 1995 - Institute of Oil Transportation
  • April 1951 - May 1958 - Kyiv Branch of "GiproTransNeft" Institute
  • January 1973 - September 1994 - "YuzhGiproNefteprovod" State Institute

2. Services

  • Engineering surveys for the design of construction and operation facilities.
  • Data bank creation based on geoinformation technologies and the safety integrated systems of main pipelines.
  • Expert and consulting services concerning the functioning and progressing of pipeline transportation.
  • Oil pumping stations, tank farms for oil and oil product storage, petroleum storage depots, onshore and sea trans-shipping complexes, buildings, structures and utilities for pipeline transportation.
  • Technical inspection of existing facilities including making environmental impact assessments and the development of remedial maintenance, renewal and upgrading recommendations.
  • Exploratory design, integrated design works and construction engineering support, reconstruction and the updating of main pipelines used for any purpose.