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ⓘ Yecla

Yecla is a town and municipality in eastern Spain, in the extreme north of the autonomous community of Murcia, located 96 km from the capital of the region, Murcia.

  • were the towns of Iniesta, the Land of Jorquera, Hellin, Tobarra, Almansa, Yecla Sax and Villena, which, despite giving the name to the lordship, was territorially
  • Moncalvo Hinojosa de Duero Picon de la Mora Picones and Castro de Yecla la Vieja Yecla de Yeltes next to Huebra, Ciudad Rodrigo, Irueña Fuenteguinaldo
  • Villar de Peralonso, Villares de Yeltes, Villarmuerto, Vitigudino and Yecla Vitigudino : : Reino de Leon in Spanish
  • considered gothic The company was founded by the Ortuño family in 1978 in Yecla The family has been making shoes and boots for three generations, spanning
  • The gazpacho de Yecla or gazpacho con chaleco are roasted or braised sardines wrapped in tortas de gazpacho, a speciality of the Yecla area. Gazpachos
  • France. After his career he founded the bike helmet company Catlike in Yecla Jose Del Ramo Nunez Pro Cycling Stats. Retrieved 4 April 2015. S.A.
  • violinist in the Capilla Real, Madrid, in 1776. Francisco J. Muñoz Lopez Yecla memorias de su identidad - 2009 - Page 139 Y el musico Domingo Juan Oliver
  • Yeclano Deportivo is a Spanish football team based in Yecla in the autonomous community of Murcia. Founded in 2004 it currently plays in Segunda Division
  • Antonio Richarte 1690 1764 was a Spanish painter. He was born at Yecla He was educated for a learned profession, but he preferred painting, which he
  • the north east of the Region of Murcia, close to the towns of Cieza and Yecla According to the 2018 census, the town population was 25, 547. The municipality

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