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ⓘ Causses

The Causses are a group of limestone plateaus in the Massif Central. They are bordered to the north-west by the Limousin and the Perigord uplands, and to the east by the Aubrac and the Cevennes. Large river gorges cut through the plateau, such as the Tarn, Dourbie, Jonte, Lot and Aveyron. Causse is an Occitan word meaning "limestone plateau".

Arranged from the north-west to the south-east, the following plateaus are found:

  • the Causse de Martel Lot
  • the Causses du Quercy
  • the Causse de Limogne Lot
  • the Causse correzien Correze
  • the Causse de Gramat Lot
  • the Causse de Severac Aveyron
  • the Causse du Larzac Aveyron and Herault
  • the Causse du Comtal Aveyron
  • the Causse Rouge Aveyron
  • the Causse Noir Aveyron
  • the Causse Mejean Lozere
  • the Grands Causses
  • the Causse de Sauveterre Lozere
  • Causse de Mende
  • Causse de Changefege
  • notable smaller causes" petite causses” nearby
  • Causse de Blandas
  • Causse-Begon

Many sites on the Causses are included in Natura 2000, notably the Parc Naturel Regional des Grands Causses on the Larzac, Mejean, and Noir plateaus. The Causses and the Cevennes, Mediterranean agro-pastoral Cultural Landscape was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2011.

  • Lentillac - du - Causse is a commune in the Lot department in south - western France. Communes of the Lot department Populations legales 2017 INSEE. Retrieved
  • Causse - de - la - Selle is a commune in the Herault department in southern France. Communes of the Herault department INSEE Populations legales 2017 INSEE
  • massif. In the south, one remarkable region, made up of features called causses in French, consists of raised chalky plateaus cut by very deep canyons
  • it was merged into the new commune Gorges du Tarn Causses Communes of the Lozere department Causse Mejean Arrête prefectoral 4 July 2016 in French
  • Banassac - Canilhac La Canourgue Chanac Gorges du Tarn Causses partly Laval - du - Tarn La Malene Massegros Causses Gorges Saint - Saturnin La Tieule Decret n 2014 - 245
  • Lionel Causse is a French politician representing La Republique En Marche He was elected to the French National Assembly on 18 June 2017, representing
  • it was merged into the new commune Massegros Causses Gorges. Communes of the Lozere department Causse Mejean Arrête prefectoral 22 December 2016 in
  • landscape of Causses and Cevennes are the result of the modification of the natural environment by agro - pastoral systems over a millennium. The Causses and Cevennes

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