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Gen-X Cops

ⓘ Gen-X Cops

Jet fuel is stolen by weapons smugglers. The fuel is reacquired by the Hong Kong police but then once again stolen by a yakuza boss named Akatora who is trying to sell it with the help of Hong Kong thug Daniel. Three rebellious cops go undercover to find both the jet fuel and Akatora. They must use the criminal instincts that got them kicked out of the force to save Hong Kong from a devastating terrorist attack.


1.1. Characters The Gen-x Cops

Jack played by Nicholas Tse The main protagonist of the movie. Jack is the tough cool one of the group. He will do almost anything to win.

Match Played by Stephen Fung Match is the playboy of the group, as he is always more concerned with the girl instead of the task at hand.

Alien Played by Sam Lee As his name suggests, Alien is the goofy guy of the bunch. He doesnt really like authority or doing much work but does his fair share in the group.

Y2K Played by Grace Ip Y2K is the girl of the group. She has skills in fighting and computers. She is mainly the group’s techie. She is also the sister of an undercover cop killed, as he is the reason Akatora lost his goods to begin with.


1.2. Characters The gangsters

Akatora Played by Toru Nakamura The main antagonist of the movie. He is the mastermind behind the stealing and smuggling of the jet fuel explosives. He is driven by revenge. He believes that a man named Shimada is the reason his father was killed. And his goal is to eventually avenge his father by killing Shimada.

Daniel Played by Daniel Wu is Akatoras man in Hong Kong. He kills his own brother to show his loyalty. Once his girlfriend leaves him for Match, he takes Jack with him and eventually is killed by Akatora for bringing a cop to his hideout.

Lok Played by Francis Ng is a very good friend of Dinosaur. Once he hears about his friends death he comes to Hong Kong to find his killer. Burned to death in the fiery pool set by Akatora while saving Jack.

Tooth Played by Terence Yin is the right-hand man of Daniel. But he betrays him when Lok puts up $10 million for the identity of the killer of Dinosaur, only to be killed by Daniel later.

Haze Played by Jaymee Ong is the current girlfriend of Daniel. But she had a fling with Match in Canada. For her it was much more serious. The only reason she came to Hong Kong with Daniel was to find Match. She leaves Daniel for Match in the end.


1.3. Characters The Police Force

Inspector Chan aka Inspector Smart played by Eric Tsang Inspector Chan was the one who recruited the Gen-X Cops. He is often looked down by his colleagues and is considered to be a laughing stock. He dies when Akatora frantically shoots at the Gen-X Cops who escaped by parachuting and takes one of the bullets to the head.

Superintendent To played by Moses Chan A slick cop, he is Chans superior who has always insults and laughs at Chan. He heavily looks down on Chan and the Gen-X Cops and has a strong dislike for them.

Inspector Tang played by Wayne Lai A CIB trainer, he was the Gen-X Cops instructor who kicked them out due to their extremely bad behavior.


1.4. Characters Cameos

There were some cameo appearances in this movie. Among them were Jackie Chan, Brad Allan, Ken Lo, Alan Mak, Kenji Tanigaki, Jaymee Ong, Robert Sparks, Thomas Sin, Keiji Sato, Bruce Khan, Rocky Lai, David John Saunders and Bey Logan.


2. Soundtrack

  • The Gen-X Rave Instrumental
  • Terror from Sunrise Instrumental
  • You Cant Stop Me Cantonese by Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung and Sam Lee
  • Let Me Bleed by Stephen Fung
  • The Final Jump Instrumental
  • Cant Stop Me Mandarin by Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung and Sam Lee
  • The Eruption Instrumental
  • Baptism of Fire Instrumental
  • XXXX
  • 非走不可 Remix by Nicholas Tse

3. Sequel

Stephen Fung and Sam Lee returned for the 2000 sequel titled Gen-Y Cops, which was released as a Sci Fi Channel TV-movie on 23 February 2002, as Jackie Chan Presents: Metal Mayhem. Nicholas Tse did not return for the role of Jack, and Edison Chen filled the open spot with a character named Edison Chan.

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