ⓘ Valdepiélagos


ⓘ Valdepielagos

The origins of the word Valdepielagos are obscure, nevertheless linguists and historians have proposed two different versions about this name:

  • Valdepielagos comes from the transposition of val archaic short form of valle meaning valley, preposition de of, and pielago from Latin pelagus, sea, which is a poetic word to name a sea or ocean or, in a figurative sense as it seems in this case an abundance of waters. According to this theory, the meaning of Valdepielagos would be valley of many waters.
  • Valdepielagos was also the place chosen by the ancient residents of nearby Talamanca de Jarama for laying the skins of animals under the sun in order to dry them before they could be further worked on. Thus, the name would consist of val + de + piel which means skin in Spanish + lagos lakes, again in reference to the numerous currents and waters. This explanation is consistent with the local place names in the area, with towns often being named after the trade commodity they produced.
  • 630 Valdemorillo 7, 111 Valdemoro 34, 163 Valdeolmos - Alalpardo 1, 893 Valdepielagos 308 Valdetorres de Jarama 2, 344 Valdilecha 2, 041 Valverde de Alcala
  • Valdefresno 1, 824 Valdefuentes del Paramo 417 Valdelugueros 439 Valdemora 113 Valdepielago 402 Valdepolo 1, 553 Valderas 2, 067 Valderrey 626 Valderrueda 1, 205 Valdesamario

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